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  1. TNT Fireworks Launches Public Safety Campaign to Help Reduce Illegal Fireworks and Promote Safe and Responsible Use

  2. Coalition Works to End Illegal Fireworks Crisis in California

  3. Public Safety Campaign Focuses on Water Conservation and Responsible Use and Safe Disposal of State-Approved Fireworks

  4. If You Are Not Part Of The Solution, You Are Part Of The Problem

  5. What Happens in Nevada Should Stay in Nevada

  6. Sacramento Board of Supervisors Urge CA Attorney General to Take Action

  7. How Sacramento Cracks Down on Illegal Fireworks

  8. Cash-Strapped California Nonprofits Look Forward to Fireworks Fundraisers

  9. City of  Elk Grove / Nail'em
    Use Illegal Fireworks? Smile! You've been "Nailed"

    Elk Grove Nail'em Yard Sign

    Elk Grove Social Host Flyer

    Local NBC Coverage of Nail'em 6/26/20
  10. TNT Augmented Reality App

  11. App Helps Police Nail Illegal Fireworks Users in Manteca

"Illegal Fireworks... If You Light It, We'll Write It" Billboard

Chaptered Senate Bill 839

California State Fire Marshal Senate Bill 839 Fact Sheet

Administrative Fine Model Ordinance






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